All For 1 Plumbing Inc. is military family,  owned and operated, that is committed to providing the highest quality plumbing and drain cleaning services for residential and commercial customers..


All for 1 Plumbing, Inc. is committed to offering our customers multiple options for their plumbing and drain repair. That’s why sewer camera inspections are ideal for frequently clogged drains and other issues. It allows us to view the cause of problems and condition of the line to provide the ideal repair solution.

We have more than 25 years of experience and use advanced technology and provide affordable sewer drain repair and replacement options.

Using specialized drain cameras, we can inspect the entire sewer pipe to accurately view the condition, cause of blockage, and provide a solution for repair or replacement, including pipe bursting.

Sewer camera inspections not only detect sewer blockages, but also detect and record the depth and precise location, which is crucial to performing trenchless sewer repair such as pipelining.  A sewer camera inspection is necessary prior to all major sewer repairs, is recommended before purchasing a new home, for area drains prior to the rainy season and for properties with large trees.


  • Older Homes – As homes age, so do sewer pipe materials. Over time, they begin to break from natural shifting of the earth, when roots enter the line, and can deteriorate until there are large missing sections. Eventually, pipes may collapse leading to frequent backups.
  • Frequent Clogs – Drain clogs happen through normal everyday use, but frequent blockages indicate potential problems in the main sewer line. Most commonly, roots grow in the pipe causing severe breaks and blockages. A sewer camera inspection will provide an in-depth view of the cause and condition of the line allowing us to recommend the ideal repair option.
  • Large Trees – Trees and landscaping enhance any property, but roots can cause major damage to sewer pipes. Tree roots naturally grow towards sources of moisture, such as found in main sewer pipes. We recommend performing an annual sewer camera inspection to ensure roots are not entering into your sewer and potentially causing issues.
  • New Home Purchase – Performing an in-depth inspection in the sewer line prior to purchasing a new home can save you from experiencing surprise and costly repairs. New home inspections assess visible plumbing systems, and can determine where there may be problems in the sewer line. With a camera inspection, new homeowners can make an informed decision.
  • Area Drains – Before the rainy season, performing a camera inspection of area or landscaping drains can ensure they are not clogged with debris and ground elements. Due to Southern California getting little rain, area drains are often blocked and during heavy storms and rains, clogged drains can lead to property flooding. 


We are trained and qualified in all sewer line inspections, repairs, and replacements, including pipelining. With our advanced diagnosis, we can help home and business owners save money and avoid frequent blockages. We will walk you through all repair options available so you can make an informed decision based on your needs and budget.

For expert sewer camera inspections in Southern California with legendary customer service, call All for 1 Plumbing, Inc. today 1-855-692-5541.


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All for 1 Plumbing is my “go to” plumber for all my plumbing needs. As a Commercial Property Manager, finding a reliable and honest vendor that responds quickly is tough.  Gabriel and his team make my job easier everyday.  He even helps me with my residential portfolio and is the BEST when it comes to a plumbing emergency.

Kimberly S. 

Highly Recommended

All for 1 = Amazing.  Gabriel and his team took the needed time to get the job done right! I truly felt like AF1 took on a tricky plumbing job and from start to finish made the job look easy. I called All for 1 for two of our homes. The first was for my elderly grandparents home that needed a kitchen plumbing and faucet upgrade and the 2nd home was tricky where Gabe had to find the root cause of a smelly plumbing issue. Price for the amount of time and work was absolutely fair! Highly recommend !! Thanks again AF1

Tiffanie P.

Fast & Efficient

My water heater sprung a leak and soaked the pilot and we had no hot water. The water heater was old so needed a new one. Called "All For 1" and Gabe was here within the hour the same day. Very friendly, explained the problem and what was required to correct it. Gave me a fair price and got it done the same day.  Highly recommended

Dennis S.

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