All For 1 Plumbing Inc. is military family,  owned and operated, that is committed to providing the highest quality plumbing and drain cleaning services for residential and commercial customers..


All for 1 Plumbing, Inc. has more than 25 years helping home and business owners repair and replace damaged sewer lines. We have a team of experienced drain specialists able to quickly diagnose causes of blockage, such as root intrusion, sewer line breaks, missing sections, and deterioration. Once we have accurately determined the cause and location of damage, we can recommend the ideal solution to fit your property needs and budget.

While normal drain use occasionally leads to backups, frequently slow drains or severe blockages can indicate a larger issue in the main sewer line. With an in-depth sewer camera inspection, our experienced team can identify the cause and walk our customers through multiple options for repair or replacement.

  • Roots – Tree roots are the biggest cause of broken and backed up underground sewer lines. While trees enhance any property, roots seek out the moisture-rich nutrients found in sewers. They can enter through small cracks, and once inside do major damage including breaking the line and causing frequent backups.
  • Heavy Scale Buildup – Poorly maintained drains and heavily used lines can become damaged from hard scale buildup in the pipe. As organic material sits in the line, it can stick to the inside of the pipe and slowly close off drain flow. Scale buildup can also cause pipes to crack and break over time.
  • Breaks and Deterioration – Aging lines can eventually deteriorate leading to backups from missing or collapsed sections in both underground sewer pipes and in sewers underneath homes on raised foundations.

Sewer Line Repair

Main sewer line repairs can be performed by routine and professional snaking for minor clogs, hydro jetting for roots or heavy buildup, and with epoxy pipelining which can rehabilitate damaged pipes restoring them like new again.

Professional sewer snaking is typically the first step in diagnosing and repairing a blocked main sewer drain. However, if our drain experts encounter a hard spot, pull back roots, or suspect damage, we will recommend a sewer camera inspection to view the line. With a sewer camera inspection, we can determine the next steps in the repair process.

Hydro jetting can repair drains with root intrusion, heavy sludge, or grease buildup. We Hydro Jet with high pressure water streams using a multi directional nozzle. Hydro jetting scours 360 degrees of the drain, and is also an effective repair for sewer pipes in good condition.

If the sewer line has cracks, holes, or missing sections, epoxy pipelining may be the best method to rehabilitate the line. Using an epoxy resin and specialty liner, pipelining creates a brand-new pipe inside the damaged line or section without excavation.

Sewer Line Replacement

When aggressive root intrusion has broken a sewer line, if there are large sections missing, collapsed pipes, or large holes, the pipe will need to be replaced.

Our team can make small section replacements or replace the entire sewer pipe underneath homes and underground. The traditional method of sewer line replacement is through excavation of the sewer pipe and replacing it with a new ABS sewer pipe, or PVC if determined by city regulations.  For small breaks, this is easily the most cost effective for sections that are underneath the home or easily accessible earth.


If you are using a septic tank system on your property, it requires routine maintenance and pumping. Our team will assess your property needs and design the ideal schedule to ensure your septic tank remains fully operational. Septic systems should never be chemically treated, as they require a specific balance of enzymes to keep them in top working condition.

For sewer line, septic system repair and replacement in Southern California with legendary customer service, call All for 1 Plumbing, Inc. today 1-855-692-5541.


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All for 1 Plumbing is my “go to” plumber for all my plumbing needs. As a Commercial Property Manager, finding a reliable and honest vendor that responds quickly is tough.  Gabriel and his team make my job easier everyday.  He even helps me with my residential portfolio and is the BEST when it comes to a plumbing emergency.

Kimberly S. 

Highly Recommended

All for 1 = Amazing.  Gabriel and his team took the needed time to get the job done right! I truly felt like AF1 took on a tricky plumbing job and from start to finish made the job look easy. I called All for 1 for two of our homes. The first was for my elderly grandparents home that needed a kitchen plumbing and faucet upgrade and the 2nd home was tricky where Gabe had to find the root cause of a smelly plumbing issue. Price for the amount of time and work was absolutely fair! Highly recommend !! Thanks again AF1

Tiffanie P.

Fast & Efficient

My water heater sprung a leak and soaked the pilot and we had no hot water. The water heater was old so needed a new one. Called "All For 1" and Gabe was here within the hour the same day. Very friendly, explained the problem and what was required to correct it. Gave me a fair price and got it done the same day.  Highly recommended

Dennis S.

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